Humans Of TAMS

Modeled after Humans of New York, Humans of TAMS is a chance to garner insight into the thoughts and feelings of the TAMS community as a whole, through learning more about community as individuals.


Arinze Appio-Riley

“I guess I like filling up my free time with volunteering, sports practices, and last semester I also did dance too. Those things were pretty time consuming but I enjoyed all of them. In particular, when it comes to volunteering, I liked Aspire because my mentee was pretty fun.”


Joshua Allen

“The best thing about TAMS is that you have a lot of support, like you can go to your councilor, you can go to Sharon Vann, you can go to Russ. You can go anyone. If you have a question, there is always someone out there that’s going to be nice and kind to you and that can answer your questions.”


Rania Agrawal

“I think my most memorable moment at TAMS was at last year’s prom. It was really nice, and they had the tent event and a really nicely decorated tent and everything. Even though it was super cold, everyone was dressed up and it was really crisp, picturesque, and nostalgic, I was surrounded by all my friends and we were all dancing and it was cozy in a really cold way. It was super fun. The music was really nice and my roommate had helped plan it. So originally I there to help support her and I ended up having a really good time.”