Raahi Menon

So what was your favorite thing about junior year that’s not here now? 

I would say the staff… like Derrick is gone.  

What has been the most prominent difference about senior year? 

How much more TAMS felt like school… play hard, work hard. 

Tell us about some of the juniors 

I’ll talk about the juniors as a collective. I really like my juniors. They’re all individual people. Some are more outgoing, and some are quieter. I love getting to know their backgrounds and their cultures. The junior grade is a lot different from the senior grade. 

How is being an Ambassador Exec this year? 

When I became an exec, I was very confused about my position. And just working on everything. It has been a lot more work than I expected. I never saw how much work the previous execs worked on preview days or spend-a-days. We had 2 hour long meetings over the summer to discuss everything because we didn’t want to fall behind.  

What do you hope to accomplish this year? 

I want to get better at managing myself as self-control. If I did that, I would be way farther along on my college apps. I only applied for 2 clubs because I don’t want to stress about something that is somewhat subjective. My best advice is to not get too invested in it. 

Amea and Devra-Kelly

When did you two meet? 

Devra: So we met on interview day, and so I was talking back from the Lyceum, and this girl was getting on my nerves. Amea was sitting alone, and I said, “If I leave, then I might make friends.” So I became pals with Amea. 

 Amea: I was in the Union, and I was hungry. I was really really lost, and I just sat down at a random table. Devra just showed up. 

What were your first impressions of each other? 

Amea: A crazy southern grandma 

Devra: I thought she was really chill and pretty 

What are each of your favorite memories together? 

Amea: We used to do this thing at the beginning of the school year where we will make videos, singing a song very poorly.  

Was that your favorite? 

Devra: No, yesterday, she pulled a staple out of my hands with tweezer, so I think that is real bonding there. 

What is yall’s favorite inside joke? 

Devra: Maybe wrist… (laughter) 

Amea: Every time we see a cute guy, we just say “wrist.” Wrist is our best one.  

What’s your favorite class? 

Amea: I like Schoolfield and poetry 

Devra: I like chemistry 

What is something you miss about high school? 

Amea: I miss drill team and the small town aesthetic. 

What is one thing that you started doing at TAMS 

Devra: Oh, I sleep a lot later. I am no longer a zombie in the mornings because I get to sleep in. 

Amea: I eat really poorly.  

Devra: I eat fruits and vegetables now. 

What is something that you stopped doing at TAMS? 

Amea: I run a lot less because I am so busy with schoolwork and sleep. 

Devra: I hang out with people a lot less. I dance a lot less. I do fun stuff, artsy stuff, a lot less. 

What are you looking forward to the most at TAMS? 
Amea: Making friends, joining clubs and volunteering 

Amea: Making friends other than Amea 

Devra: I’ve cried 65 times in the past month… we only count full-blown sobs. 

Amea: She’s cried over queso before. 

Anything else you want to include in this interview? 

Devra: Our room is the cutest, room 245 

Amea: We have snacks, and we just want friends.