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First off, how was Peru?

Neha: Man, it was really good… a lot of fun! It was an overnight flight, so it was tiring, but it was totally worth it!

What was your daily schedule like?

Neha: We had private tours every day. We went with 2 family friends. We woke up anywhere from 6-8am, and we will go on a bus and tour Inca and other places in the country. And we came back anywhere from 4-8pm, and then we would just call it a day. We would sleep immediately afterwards.

What made you decide to travel to Peru instead of anywhere else in the world?

Neha: Haha. Um. So, I have always wanted to travel to somewhere not so overrated, like Hawaii or Spain or something like that. So, I talked to one of my friends, and they said the country [Peru] might close off Machu Piccu soon due to erosion or something like that, so I really wanted to go before they closed it off. Also, I thought that the summer after senior year would be really busy for me, so I decided that Spring Break would be the best time to go visit before they actually closed off the area.

What do you like best about your trip?

Neha: DEFINITELY MACHU PICCHU! The city has gone through so much, like earthquakes and other natural disasters, but the ruins are still intact and are still as pretty as ever. I think it really shows the versatility of the region despite the obstacles that it has gone through.

Me: I am totally going to visit Peru before Machu Picchu closes off.

Neha: Definitely!

How was the plane flight?

Neha: Oh nooo… Not gonna lie. It was pretty rough. We left here the Friday after break at 11pm. It was an overnight flight. We reached Lima, Peru, at 6am. And after that, we had a connecting flight back to Cusco. We reached Cusco at 12pm. And then I was out the whole day, so it was pretty tiring. On the way back, it was the same thing. And not only that, but the flight got delayed to 2am. So I was super tired at the airport. Overall, it was not the best flight, but I still had a lot of fun in Peru.

Any problems with jet lag?

Neha: Ohhh… not really problems with jet lag, but more of altitude sickness. I stayed at 12,000 feet in Cusco. So we had an oxygen meter of 60%, which is super abnormal. We actually had paramedics come to check up on us. Coming back, my body is not used to Denton weather and altitude. My body changed immensely. I no longer feel hungry, and I lost 10 pounds.

Me: Wow! I need to go to Peru too then.


Neha: No, you don’t! Now, I am back to normal though.

Any improvements in Spanish?

Neha: Actually, no. Out tour guides were all English speakers, and there were barely any interactions with Spanish speakers. (laughs) I was hoping that I would get to improve my Spanish speaking skills during my trip, but unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity to since so many people in Cusco speak English fluently.

In that case, could you speak something in Spanish about your experience in Peru?

Neha: HAHA. Um. My Spanish is really bad. My grammar is horrible. I guess the only thing I can say is

Muy Bueno.

(sigh) I really wished I learned more Spanish.

How would you rate your trip to Peru? (1-Horrible; 10-Awesome! Would definitely visit again!)

Neha: Probably an 8.

Me: Why’s that?

Neha: It was a wonderful experience. However, for some people— like my dad has sleep apnea, so he had trouble adjusting to the altitude. He had trouble breathing at night, so it was harsh on his health. It all depends on your body. Otherwise, it was one of my best experiences, one of my favorite vacation spots.

Any weird stories about your trip?

Neha: Umm. Not really.

Me: Anything abnormal?

Neha: Wait actually, our hotel used to be some Incan palace.

Me: WOAH! How could you forget about that?

Neha: HAHA. We went on a hotel tour. We found mummies. We went on a hotel tour by ourselves. My sister convinced me that our hotel was haunted, so I was so scared, and I abandoned my little sister while we were exploring. I just took the elevator down by myself and left her behind. My sister was super scared too because she’s 11. But she’s smart and found the way down to our hotel room. It was an adventure!

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