Avery, Rasna, and Lily: Humans of TAMS

What’s your favorite thing about each other and your jobs as an RA/senior mentors?

R: Avery puts up with no matter what hour of the day is. She’s there regardless of what she’s doing or where she is. Lily’s been my roommate since last year. She was one of the first people I met at TAMS. She’s gotten me through so much these past two years. Even if we don’t get to interact as much because we both have busy schedules, it always makes my day a little better to talk to her in the night.

A: No matter what’s going on with the wing, Lily and Rasna are always there to support them. It’s not the support I see a lot of times with seniors saying “It’ll be OK because I obviously made it.” They give them real anecdotal proof that no matter what happens in TAMS, you can overcome it. They remind every one of our girls how smart they are and how everything they do does matter. I just love that they work really hard to make sure every girl feels loved and cared for. It’s one of the things I really admire about them.

L: I love their memes. I love my juniors. They are so cute. I’m just grateful. It’s nice being a senior mentor. You get to interact with all these little juniors in a different way. You get to know different aspects of their lives that you wouldn’t know if you were just passing them in hallways or Mac.

A: I think I’m really fortunate to have the wing that I have. I’m grateful for Lily and Rasna helping me guide my residents because sometimes I don’t know what’s going on. It’s TAMS stuff. I’ve never applied to an exec position. I think that being an RA is one of the most fulfilling jobs you can have at UNT. I think it’s the best job that I’ve had. Everything that I’ve done here has really prepared me for when I will be a teacher. I love my job here way more than any of my RA friends do, because TAMS kids and lovely and sweet. Even if they run down hallways like little punks.

R: It has been a lot of fun to be a senior mentor with Avery. Avery has been really supportive of all us and honestly is the glue that keeps B200 together.


What are some funny stories that happened in your wing?

A: The wing gets along really well. There was one day when it was rumored that one of my residents liked a boy. When I was doing roomchecks, I kept on saying it to people, “You know so and so was hanging out with a boy.” By the time I was done with room checks, they were all in her room crowding her because they are all so close. They is also the time when Sam Goldberg had a Monster even though we told her Monster is not good for you. I sent Rasna in to confiscate it. We were sending a bunch of pictures into the group chat with “Oh no the police are here,” but it was just Rasna coming in to get the Monster from her.

L: I remember one time we walked into Grace and Christina’s room and as we were leaving we bumped into this hanger which knocked over. Then Avery went, “Ahhh” so I went “Ahhh” and then Rasna goes, “Ahhh” and a few seconds later Rasna goes, “What are we “ahhing” about? It was so funny that Grace and Christina put it onto their whiteboard of funny things at TAMS. We made the mark in their rooms. In their lives.

R: Apparently this happened. I don’t actually remember it happening, but apparently it did.

R: In general whenever anything happens, half our wing always ends up in Sam’s room. That or the hallway outside Avery’s room is our hangout spot. I think that after wing meeting is always a blast. We have the TV room until midnight so we end up goofing off and conversation always goes to the randomest things. It’s always fun when Kirti swings by as our third unofficial senior mentor.


What are funny things that Rasna and Lily have done?

A: The first time I did room inspections, I walked in and said, “Where’s your toaster.” Rasna handed me a stuffed animal toaster and she was like, “Here it is.” It was so funny and I think it was the first moment I started to build a relationship with them. Lily always carries around a giant moose, it’s at least four feet. It’s Mr. Moose Jr. because she has another moose. They are funny and I just love their sense of humor.


What’s something unique about your wing?

L: Avery’s trained our wing to talk a certain way. Ever since the beginning of the year, we’ve had a few phrases that we keep repeating: bad noodle, good noodle, good bean, bad bean, my dudes, I’ll fight you.

A: Answering to “how many” with “enough.” That’s haunting.

L: We have grown into such a community that we have code words of things to say to each other. It’s nice and I like it. Thanks Avery.

A: Aww you’re welcome.


Who/what are some of the biggest memes in the wing?

A: That is a tie between Shreya and Samantha. Shreya is more of an in house meme and we’re more vocal with Sam because she’s usually the one out in the hallway.

R: (laughs) I would have to agree with those two. Shreya’s life is literally a meme. For Valentine’s day she printed us out memes, she’s obsessed with Shrek and her names in the group chats are the weirdest things ever. Sam is our wing mascot and that one member of B200 that everyone loves. She’s like everyone’s little sister and the one we all take care off. We love her to death.

A: The wing is really convinced that we should have a shrek themed wing. It’s halfway through second semester and they are still pushing for it. They haven’t given up hope. Shreya fights for Shrek all the time. She’s the person I roast the most at wing meeting.


Is there anything you want to change?

A: A good portion of my girls will come to me, but sometimes I think they think I will think less of them and don’t want to come to me. I wish that they loved themselves a little more and were prouder of their accomplishments, especially making it through the first semester of TAMS. I really push self confidence and so do Lily/Rasna.

R: Our wing is pretty close, but since our wing is L shaped we don’t get to interact with the side
as nearly as the side we are on. I want more wing programs so we could interact more.

L: I also feel like I’m closer to the people who live around me just because they are so close to my part of the hallway. I feel like I don’t get to interact with the others as much, especially since we start on our side at room checks and by the time we make it to the end, we don’t get to talk as much.


Who’s alpha?

A: Rasna’s really organized and takes charge but sometimes when it comes to a very emotional approach, usually it’s Lily who takes the lead. Rasna’s like “Here’s the plan,” but Lily is like “OK, we are going to calmly consider the feelings.” They are such a phenomenal pair and work great together.

L: I actually think Rasna’s alpha. I never really know what to do in situations and I kind of just follow my heart. Rasna definitely has a plan and quickly has direct answers when people have questions. I’m just there for comic relief, and that’s fine.

R: Wait, I think Lily’s alpha when it comes to logic, but I’m alpha with emotions. I agree that I’m overall a little more alpha than Lily is, but Lily is more logical. I feel like I’m the more emotional one and Lily’s the more logical one.

Longest time for room checks: past midnight; 12:40 when it was the first time two wings (B200 + C200)

Shortest time for room checks: three minutes when people just stick their heads out into the hallway and everyone can go back to studying bio or physics

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