Sienna Wu & Wani Zhang – Humans of TAMS

Why did you guys decide to be roommates?

S/W: Well, you see I’m actually deeply in love with her.

S: I’m just kidding. There was no one else, so I had to go with Wani.

W: I mean we’re best friends and we both wanted to come to TAMS, so obviously she was the one person I knew the best here. So, obviously we’re roommates.

S: Yeah, default option. Just kidding. It wasn’t anything we had to decide on. We were just roommates.

Did you expect more or less from being roommates?

W: I think I wasn’t surprised by anything because I knew that we would get along well since I’ve known her for 12 years. Our dynamic is just there.

S: The funny thing is before TAMS, the most time we’ve spent together was one day. We lived in different cities and school districts. We never went to the same school district, so this is the first time we’ve been together for this long. So, I wasn’t expecting less but there’s nothing more I could ask for.

What’s your favorite thing about being roommates?

W: There are a lot of things. We get along very well. We like the same things which is good.

S: We think similarly sometimes but also, we’re different too in some aspects. Just the fact that we’re able to get along at the end of the day is just nice.

W: And of course, we love pranking people together. That’s the key thing.

S: Yes. We love laughing and smiling a lot.

W: And making weird noises in the room.

What’s one thing you don’t like about your roommate?

S: She doesn’t plug the hair drier in. There’s only one outlet above the sink and our fridge is plugged into it. Whenever we need to blow-dry our hair, we have to take out the fridge plug and plug the hairdryer in. Wani never remembers to plug the fridge back in after she blow-dries her hair. That is the biggest flaw. That’s all.

W: I can’t think of anything.

What inspired you guys to make a prank account on Instagram?

W: You see, before TAMS, I always liked pranking and trolling, and Sienna was the most innocent. She would never troll people. Then, coming to TAMS and living with me, I turned her into a monster.

S: I’ve become very, very good at keeping a straight face while telling things.

W: We made a prank account because I guess we just really liked trolling people.

S: We wanted to document it too.

W: We want everyone to know.

S: And enjoy the happiness. You open your phone and you see a good video and you laugh like “ha ha ha ha.” Sorry, maybe more like this. “ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa.” I’m sorry, go on. Don’t put that in.

W: Yeah, we just wanted to document it, so we decided to make a prank account. Our goal is to get to 250 pranks by the end of senior year. We don’t think we’ll get there, but we’re working our best.

S: 60 is our goal right now.

W: The pranks are just really funny, and people like them. They tell us “oh, that was a good prank.” We’re masterminds.

S: If you have anyone you want to prank and an idea, DM us. This goes out to all of you reading this.

What’s your favorite prank so far?

S: The Oreo one!

W: Yeah! Our grand senior Alan Xia, he came to TAMS to visit us on the day of Aid the Cause. We’re both really close to him, so we decided to replace the cream of an Oreo with toothpaste. The thing is we froze it and it was too cold.

S: We microwaved it to make it back to normal. It cancels out right.

W: It was just kind of warm-

S: And soggy-

W: There were two Oreos, one of them was good and one of them was the toothpaste one. Sienna goes downstairs and she’s like “you want an Oreo?” She takes the good one and Alan takes the bad one. He bites into it and just stops.

S: First, he got the Oreo and he’s like “why is this so soggy?” He puts it in his mouth and asks “why’s it so warm?” But he continues to chew it. His face when he realizes it is the best thing ever.

W: There’s a video on our prank account on Instagram @two.person.cult.

S: It was the best thing ever. We just fell off our chairs laughing. Everyone around us was just having a good time and enjoying it. Alan enjoyed it. He didn’t swallow it, if you wanted to know.

Who’s the alpha roommate and why?

S: We’re both alpha.

W: Yeah, we’re both pretty alpha. Everyone else is beta to us.

S: The only person I’ll be beta to would be Wani.

W: And the only person I would be beta to is Sienna.

What’s been your greatest struggle together and how did you get over it?

S: Our greatest struggle was one day on a very, very disgusting Monday, we couldn’t find our beds. We woke up and we couldn’t find our beds. Then we yelled at each other for two hours because we thought the other person stole the bed and moved it to the first floor. After that, our beds appeared again, and we stopped fighting. That’s the story of our greatest struggle together and how we overcame it.

W: Nothing like that ever happened.

Any fun roommate stories? 

S: Last Friday morning, we had bio at 8am. Our alarm clock in the middle of the night just decided to stop working. It ran out of battery.

W: And so, I woke up at exactly 8:50, right when bio ended. I was like “oh, it’s fine if we skip one class.” We’ve never skipped bio before. I turn on my phone and I realize it’s 8:50 and suddenly, I get all the notifications from like 5 people just yelling at me over text that they took attendance and that we should wake up. I was like “shoot. Sienna, Sienna. Wake up. It’s 8:50 and they took attendance.” I was punching her awake at this point. She thought I was trolling, but I kept telling her I was serious. I’ve never seen her get out of bed that fast. She bolted out of bed. We told Sam and everything’s fine because Sam understands an honest mistake. Yeah, that was funny.

S: It was so weird because we never missed a single biology class and then, the one time they take attendance, in the middle of the night, our alarm clock decides to turn off. The last thing I said to Wani before we went to sleep was “it’d be funny if our alarm clock turned off in the middle of the night.” We also keep a sticky note collection of things that we do that are the same. The first three tests that we took last semester, we got the exact same grades on all of them. Math, English (to the decimal point). For Math, we had different forms. We just got a lot of the same scores. Also, there are funny things that we say at the same time or that we think of at the same time.

W: Yeah and of course, we just roast everyone together.

S: Good moments – there are a lot. That’s just a snippet.

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