Best of Black & White

This February, Ion asked TAMS students to submit their best photography, with a chance to be featured on the Ion website. Check out the work of  two students who took the prompt  of “black and white” above and beyond, and captured captivating photographs displaying everything from cultural heritage to natural beauty!


Josue Leon

“I’m really into photography because of its ability to capture such beautiful moments in an ever-changing world. It also lets you share scenery of places/ideas people wouldn’t see otherwise!”


“This picture was taken in an alleyway leading to an elevator that takes you to a jazz lounge and I thought it so cool how they used a neon sign to contrast the darkness and catch your attention.”


“This image was taken in Mexico in my parent’s home town, I took this picture of my family in the fields as I thought it really represented my Mexican heritage.”


“This was in an alleyway downtown that just really stood out to me because I had been taking pictures of colorful and lively buildings all night, and this dull alleyway reminded me of how a place didn’t need color to look nice!”


Nathan Davis

“To me, photography is more than art. Typically, I don’t even show other people my pictures. It’s more of a self satisfying hobby, something I do on the spur of the moment to capture something that catches my eye. And often, I rarely even go back to look at the pictures I’ve taken. Just knowing that they exist and that I captured something forever is enough.”


“In this photo, I was skipping rocks across the glassy water, soaking in the last drops of daylight, and the last view of the water before I travelled back home. The splashing water seemed to capture the memories of the trip within its reflective sheets and sparkling spray. So I took a picture.”

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