Katie Nguyen – Humans of TAMS

What’s been your favorite memory at TAMS so far?

My favorite memory at TAMS was probably anything that happened during the first week because that’s when I got to know everyone. For example, Tram and Vanyda hosted a ramen party and Vanyda made ramen in her rice cooker. It was super spicy (it was that spicy ramen that you see on YouTube). We all didn’t know each other and we were all suffering, but we were all too scared to show each other our suffering faces, so we all pushed through. It was fun. We bonded and got to know each other.

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time, I watch This Is Us or The Good Doctor or just random YouTube videos. This Is Us has really bothered me because they’re not showing an episode next week and I’m really sad because the big moments are coming out.

Are you glad that you came to TAMS?

I’m glad I came to TAMS because I wouldn’t have known people like Tram Diep or Julius Jang or some of the good people that have made really big impacts on my life. For example, Julius decided to interview me for some odd reason. He’s pretty cool. He got me fries, and it’s the little things that matter. Tram Diep did my makeup and is eating my fries. When you’re on a diet, you need someone else to eat for you. Also, the people are super motivated. If I wasn’t at TAMS, I probably wouldn’t have been going to the gym, and I would probably be gaining a lot of weight. But here I am, I go to the gym. We all go to the gym – we have a group chat.

How do you deal with stress?

Fidget spinners? Just kidding, I hate fidget spinners. Usually when I’m really stressed out, I call my mom and she usually comforts me and then she says she has to go. But it’s okay, just hearing my mom’s voice gives me comfort and if my mom isn’t stressed out, then I’m not stressed out. When my mom doesn’t pick up, I just go to Tram Diep’s room and usually, she puts me in the right mindset. Recently, I’ve been very stressed out with all things happening and so she puts me in the right mindset.

What’s your favorite utensil?

My favorite utensil is chopsticks because I love noodles. You can eat noodles with chopsticks and also, they’re very versatile. You can eat anything with them. For example, if you eat Cheetos or Funyuns or any chips and you don’t like getting your fingers greasy, you can use chopsticks to eat out of the bag.

What’s your favorite K-Pop singer?

My all-time favorite is probably IU because she’s perfect and she’s so eloquent compared to me. She’s just goals.

Any fun facts about yourself?

– I really like to do hair. I can do a bunch of braids.

– I have a pen pal in Korea.

– I’m not well versed in memes even though I go to TAMS.

– I’m starting a t-shirt collection.

– I’m a girl, if you didn’t know.

– My favorite card game is this Vietnamese game called “Tien Ien”, but it’s called “Thirteen” in English.

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