Nishant Tyagi – Humans of TAMS

1. What are your favorite memories so far at TAMS?


Probably 3am talks about random things in people’s rooms. Walking through a drive-through with friends.

2. What are you looking forward to the most next semester?


Getting time to try new things and starting up drawing. Actually sticking to my workout routine.

3. Favorite class so far?


Organic chemistry. Dr. Browning is a lot of fun and expects a lot from his students, and his expectations have really driven me to learn a lot about organic chemistry. It has changed my perspective of chemistry. Through what I have learned in his class, I am able to tutor others because I am confident in my skills.

4. Any tips for the juniors?


Really get to know the people here because TAMS is a really unique environment where you will never find anywhere else.

5. What are you doing over Christmas Break?


College apps and trying to learn new things. Reading a little about health policy. SLEEPING! I want to start a Youtube Channel. I also want to learn how to do a back flip and boxing. I want to continue my passion for art.

6. Any plans for the summer after senior year?


Either traveling to India to see my family or research or internship aboard somewhere.

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