Luis Kim – Humans of TAMS

Where are you from?


What expectations did you have when coming to TAMS?

Not much. I guess it was what I thought it would be, I didn’t have much expectations so…

Why did you come here?

I mean there’s math and science in the name.

Do you see any flaws in the structure of Tams, whether its socially, or administrative level?

Yeah, I’d say so.

You kind of acquired a name for yourself the beginning from TPS, care to explain that?

I don’t know what there’s to explain. I put something there and people found it offensive and thats about it.

How would you describe your experience at TAMS so far?

Not too bad.

If you had the decision to apply at TAMS again would you still apply?


Did you like your old school?

Not really. I like TAMS better, maybe it’s the freedom, because you can do a lot more things here. I don’t know maybe thats a good thing maybe thats a bad thing, but it sure feels better.

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