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I used to be into the news. It helped me to procrastinate and was boring enough to put me to sleep…and then I’d wake up at 11 with a bunch of homework I had to finish before the morning.

Clearly, I needed to get rid of that habit. I realized that Facebook, and later, memes, were a better source for understanding current events.

Until now…

…Now that I am required to take political science, the professor has a quiz over the New York Times every single week. The quiz is basically a comprehensive final over every single day of news—it’s like he wants us to single-handedly support the newspaper business.

I hate the New York Times, and these quizzes stress me out. At least in my biology lab, I could flip through the pages and see all the info. With the New York Times, the information is spread out over hundreds of different link. I’d have to load all the ads just to get access to skim through it for 10 seconds. I spend more time being reminded how refreshing a nice coca cola would be than looking at the news. Isn’t there something wrong with that?

Why do I still see advertisements even after I paid for the subscription? I feel ripped off. But even AdBlock has ads now, so what do I know?

Half of it isn’t even current news. It’s about Trump and he hasn’t changed at all in the past 30 years. Yet, they still have paparazzi following him—no wonder they say the media is broken. Now, I understand that he is a celebrity, and president on the side, (wow two jobs), but the president thing… Ugh… The idea fills me with dread.

One definitive thing I learned from political science is that the New York Times is the worst textbook interface I have ever seen.  I can’t be expected to take a current events course if that’s what they use as their textbook.

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