Who knew that nerds could strut down the catwalk?

TAMS students did just that at Ambassador’s annual Dr. TAMS, a pageant-style event in which clubs competed for the coveted title by selecting representatives to participate in talent, runway, and Q&A sections.

At around 7 pm on November 10th, students entered Mac Cafe and were greeted with classy wall decorations and a stage ready for performances. The highlights included JETS’s riveting rendition of the iconic Jingle Bell rock dance from Mean Girls, along with CSO’s cover of Humble by the one-and-only Garrett Gu. Even the transitions between performances were not devoid of boredom, thanks to the witty banter between emcees Tian Zhu and Drupad Annapureddy.

Some memorable performances by Teach and Learn, JETS, TBO, and Dull Roar- photos courtesy of Yearbook

But the real highlight of the night was Yearbook. “Yearbook was great,” says junior Lainey Wang. “Sienna and Jessica killed it with their dance and their runway performance.” In the end, Jessica Lin and Sienna Wu’s passionate speech about the importance of Yearbook in cataloguing lifelong memories sealed the deal and earned them the crown.

Winners and participants pose for a photo-courtesy of Yearbook

The idea for Dr. TAMS was originally the brainchild of grand senior May Chen, modeling the event after the popular Miss America and Miss Universe pageants. Ambassador execs implemented the idea for the first time last year, and donated the money earned from ticket sales to charity.

This year’s execs did something a little different. With the prospect of TAMS tuition increasing for the incoming Class of 2020, the board decided that revenue from ticket sales should go towards a scholarship to funding club expenses for a selected number of students in the incoming class. “We ended up making almost $1000 to fund the All-Star Scholarship,” says Neha Arora, Ambassadors’ Interview Day Coordinator. “I’m really proud and impressed with the turnout, and I’m glad that the TAMS community values supporting future students.”

Ambassadors board with their PA Mary Collins-photo courtesy of Yearbook

Grace Chang, the junior representative for Profile, said it best: “My favorite part about Dr. TAMS was getting to watch all the amazing, hilarious, and thoughtful performances/answers that all of the clubs came up with. It was fascinating seeing the immense variety of performances. I also loved how everyone was extremely supportive. It helped ease my nerves, and it really showed how great of a community TAMS is once again.”

Not only did Ambassador’s put on an awesome show that made for a memorable night, but all the proceeds went towards promoting the success of future students who will carry on the TAMS legacy,our legacy, of community, teamwork, and family.

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