A fall-themed food selection + a night of watching your best friends belt out iconic pop songs?

Welcome to Coffeehouse, pROfiLE’s semesterly open-mic event in which students and staff can let loose and perform anything from dance routines to spoken poetry on stage. The event took place on October 20th in Mac Cafe, strategically planned to take place right after the annual Powderpuff game hosted by Sports Club. Hungry athletes, along with other students and staff, filed into Mac Cafe, many of them relaxing in the audience and some spontaneously choosing to perform. “I didn’t really care about the quality of my performance”, says junior Chloe Field who danced to “Sign” by Ace of Base. “I just thought of it as an opportunity to really dance my heart out. It was just an in-the-moment decision to perform.”

The Profile execs truly made it a night to remember. They created an authentic  fall-themed ambience, complete with hot coffee, pumpkin-spice waffles, rich purple drapery, and rustic table decorations. They truly created an atmosphere in Mac Cafe that was reminiscent of a Thanksgiving family gathering.

But the thing that made Coffeehouse truly memorable, as cheesy as it is, was the sense of the community. Everyone in the room could feel it when Victor Tralci, an RA, sang his soulful take on Matt Simons’ “Catch and Release”, or when the entire audience clapped along to a Noah Kim’s rendition of “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz (after which he asked junior Maggie Wang to hoco!). Some audience favorites included junior Varun Nayak. “He was so confident and it made me happy,” says junior Joy Cheshire. “He didn’t sing super well but he had the courage to go up in front of everyone.”

All in all the event was a big hit; perhaps it was amid the tone-deaf renditions and questionable dance routines (lol jk) that we became closer as a community as we shared a collective memory of an awesome night.

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