Water Pressure

Matt locked himself in his dorm room to struggle over a fluid dynamics problem that stumped him so far. He couldn’t stand any distraction. If his roommate came by, he’d keep him out. Maybe put a wet sock over the door handle. He already spent 30 minutes on the problem and all he did was cover his paper in eraser shreds. It left him frustrated.

He wished he hadn’t taken the course because he knew the only professor teaching was the ninety-year-old stalwart who intended to make the test the same way he had them a half a century ago. Matt knew he wouldn’t have taken the class if it weren’t for his parents. They kept smothering him, and they made sure he was getting a hardcore physics degree like they made sure he brushed his teeth every night.

Anyways, this problem wasn’t going away and Matt was getting hungry. It was time for a break. He remembered he got a care package from his mom and he was excited to see what was inside. He remembered they went to take care of cousins in Columbus and he recalled there was a good fudge shop there. He hoped she packed some chocolates…

He couldn’t wait any longer. He ripped off the tape and lifted up the flaps on the cardboard box. He hoped there would be a letter…

To his dismay, all he found were fig newtons. Fig Newtons. With a post-it note.

“Dear Matt,

 I hope everything has worked out well with the start of your school year. If it’s too hard for you, then you have my approval to stop going the extra distance that way you can force your way through the hard bits. That-a-way you just accelerate past the worst of times. For now, just live in the momentum. Best wishes.



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