Laura Reyes – Humans of TAMS

Where were you born?
I was born in Bogota Colombia.

How was Colombia?
Colombia is really different, in that everything’s close, like walking distance. The food is really good
There’s this thing that we do, I don’t know if you would find this weird, but we take hot chocolate, and
then get pieces of cheese and put it in and melt the cheese. So good, you need to try that. They serve a
lot of food in restaurant, like a lot of food, and it’s really good. And there is also a lot of fruit, like guava,
and it has really good coffee. So we lived in the capital, and the only safe place you could be was the
capital, because everything outside isn’t really protected by the government, so we never really left the

What was your first impression when you moved to Texas?
Everything was so spacious. In Colombia all the houses touch each other, at least in the capital. Also, the
roads were actually roads in Texas. I don’t know why they fix the roads so many times in Colombia, but
they still end up bad. And I was confused because there are no taxis here, I was like, “How do you go
from place to place, you know?” Here I was kind of scared, because how do you go from place to
without a car, especially when I found out the age that you can drive is 16, because then what do you do
here? Here you take the bus home after school, and then you just sit there, which is really different
because in Colombia you could walk everywhere, technically we didn’t do it because it wasn’t that safe.
It’s not like it wasn’t safe because of people, but like cars they will run you other and keep going.

What do you want to do after you graduate?
I have no idea. I want to travel but like I have no idea after.

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