Jeffrey Wang – Humans of TAMS

Q: How is senior year going so far and how do you feel about already being a senior?

“I cannot believe I am a senior to be honest. Now we’re at the top, which is kind of daunting because we are the ones who are supposed to be helping juniors and stuff. It doesn’t feel right but, I mean, I feel like all of you juniors are so sweet. I want to help you the best I can. It just doesn’t feel like last year and now we have to be the leaders which is a little bit uncomfortable but I think it’s a nice change and I’m ready to continue senior year.”

Q: Do you ever miss your old school?

“Oh, yeah, I do. Just thirty minutes ago I was talking to my friends from my old high school. One of my friends actually just broke his hand and he talked about it without even realizing that I didn’t know it yet, so I still feel like a part of that community but sometimes being here makes me feel a little disconnected. I do love TAMS but one drawback is me missing my old friends and teachers. But honestly TAMS is so amazing with all the opportunities that it offers. I do like it here a lot. I think that you need to experience life here to understand it, though, because it’s different for everyone.”

Q: What’s your favorite class?

“I’m enjoying pretty much all of my classes so far. I would say maybe my French class? Even my physics class. I haven’t taken physics yet, so this is my first time taking it. I have Dr. Lopes and he’s a great professor, I did pretty well on the first test so I’m really enjoying that class this semester. My French professor, well, she’s very French, if that makes sense. But I do enjoy her class too so I’d say I like all of my classes.”

Q: What’s been your best memory at TAMS so far?

“Umm. Wow. Well, I remember one time we went out to celebrate one of my friend’s birthdays so we went to the Denton Escape Room. It was so fun!! We actually got handcuffed at the very beginning so it was really fun getting out of those and eventually beating the game. It was so cool. Then we had dinner at Mellow Mushroom and that was really nice. I enjoyed that so much. That night was amazing.”

Q: What are some of your hobbies?

“I have my online business that I tend to! I founded an online business a few years ago. Think about if you had your own Wikipedia, instead of having the entire world’s content on there you could use it for whatever you wanted to use it for. So, for example, businesses will have their own “wikis” and my business will host it for them and basically take care of it for them. It’s mostly taking care of technical stuff while they use it. It’s been financially solid for the past four years.”

Q: Is there anything you’re looking forward to this year?

“NOT College Apps. However, I am looking forward to finding out the school I’ll be attending and actually going there. It Is quite daunting; I haven’t accepted the fact that I’ll be in college in less than a year. I’m in denial, but in a good way. I really enjoy TAMS though, and I don’t want to leave. I feel like the TAMS program is so wonderful but it’s too short. Leaving here and starting the next chapter of my life: it’s daunting but it’s exciting.”

Q: Do you have any advice for your juniors?

“Please sleep early. I know you guys have 8 am biology next semester but please sleep early. For those in Computer Science, study together. Keathly’s grading is pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Second semester, once you take on multiple electives and more classes, it starts to get a little bit tougher, but by that point you should be accustomed to your professors. It’ll just be Part 2, which isn’t that bad. Just do not skip class, I know you guys love skipping class, but please don’t do that. It might seem cool but if your grade suffers then it’s not worth it. If you want to come back to TAMS next semester, don’t skip class. I think one of the most painful things is that a lot of people left second semester, so please make sure you’re on top of everything because it does get more difficult. Us seniors are here for you guys so let us know if you need any help and don’t procrastinate.”

Q: Tell us your best joke

“Why did the turkey cross the road? (To prove he wasn’t chicken)”

Garrett: “Hey that’s my joke.”



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