Mary Park – Humans of TAMS

Do you miss your life before TAMS?

For that, I would probably say yes and no. For sure, I do miss my old friends, my parents, and Coco, but I feel like if I hadn’t come to TAMS, I would not have matured or grew this quickly. I think junior year was the year that I grew the most and looking back, I was such a fetus child. All I’ve made are memorable experiences, and I just really enjoy my life now. I don’t regret anything.

What is one thing you always live by?

This may be cliché but not looking back. I think the only thing looking back and just thinking about your mistakes and failures can do for you is cause you this feeling of regret and that’s not a good feeling to have. I want to live my life without ever feeling regret.

What are you most looking forward to in the future?

Probably college. This may be ironic because technically, we’re in college right now, but there’s still some sort of barrier and it’ll be completely different once we go to actual college. I really want to go out of state. I feel like life’s too short to be living in one place for too long, so I’m looking forward to finding a new culture; just being in another setting other than Texas.

When did you start painting?

I actually didn’t start painting till 8th grade, so that was pretty recent. I chose art as an elective in middle school and stuck with it. I didn’t start taking lessons until I was in high school.

How has art impacted your life?

When I start painting, I feel like I’m in a different dimension. Reality just ceases to exist and time also really isn’t a concept for me, so I usually set a timer for myself just in case I get too carried away. It’s kind of like music, where it makes you feel things. It just makes you feel happy. It’s a universal language – anybody can relate with it, no matter who you are: whether you’re old or young.

Any interesting facts/skills about yourself?

Can I list things for this one?

– My left hand is noticeably bigger than my right hand

– I am 12 months in in growing a pineapple and I still have 13 months left for it to actually fruit

– I really want to milk a cow // “Does that sound inappropriate?”

– Every spring, I try to grow a tomato farm in my backyard, but they always end up dying by the end of summer because of the heat

– Usually when I’m done working out, I’ll go to McDonalds and buy an ice cream. It’s a ritual of mine


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