Cari Reinert- Humans of TAMS


Why did you come to TAMS?

I decided to come to TAMS because at my old school I would have run out of math and science classes, and because I love the community at TAMS. The community here seems to really value learning; at a normal high school, you kinda stick out and sometimes you’re ridiculed for loving to learn.


What is something you are really passionate about?

I have a lot of different passions. I’m passionate about learning, I love art, and I love debate, and I love math and science and english. But club-wise, I’m really passionate about debate.


What’s your favorite thing about TAMS so far?

There’s a lot of things that are really great so far. I guess I would say that the social atmosphere is probably my favorite part. You get to live with all your close friends, which can be a blessing and a curse: on one hand, you can have a social life that you’ve never had before, but on the other hand, you have a social life which means you have to budget your time for a social life while also budgeting time for school.


What do you hope to accomplish this year?

I hope to become an exec of some of the clubs, and I hope to get to know as many people in our class as I can because more friends here equals…more choices of doctors when I get older;)) I hope to not run out of money by the end of the year, and I also hope to get summer research.


What are you looking forward to the most?

I don’t know… I look forward to each new day, because at my old high school it was so monotonous–you go to class, you do the same thing, day after day and it’s really boring. But at TAMS, I’m never bored and there’s so much room for variety. I guess I’m excited for next semester’s schedule because I love my schedule right now; I’m especially excited to take an art class!


What is your greatest struggle right now?

My biggest struggle is paying attention sometimes, getting enough sleep, and just balancing all the aspects of being on my own that I didn’t have to worry about in high school.


What was the happiest moment of your life?

I have two instances that stand out to me. One was this summer where I got to ride the tallest rollercoaster at Six Flags, and I got to ride it while there were fireworks going off in the front of the roller coaster. Going downhill was exhilarating! But actually the happiest moment of my life was probably after the last day of fall orientation because I finally felt like I got my first sense of TAMS and of what the community would be like. Life here seemed like it would be amazing!

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