Ashley Gi – HoT


How’s your junior year so far?

“It’s been pretty good, nothing much has happened except for academics and all the other usual events. There’s a lot of experience here compared to high school. You can volunteer a lot more, research, and get really close to friends.”

Do you miss your old high school?

“I actually don’t at all. Every day was tiring with classes back to back. Also, it was harder to meet new people. You’ve been going to the same school as the others since elementary and so if you’re not friends with them after a while, it’s hard to talk to them later. Here, it’s a fresh start for everyone. You can even become a new person to everyone else.”

Anything you would change in your past year?

“Since a lot of people came from my old school (Liberty), I tended to stick around them at first. In the beginning of the school year, you just wanted to find a friend group, fit in, and be comfortable with the new kids. I wished that I didn’t hang around old friends as much and met new people. Now those ‘new people’ have their own friend groups and now it’s hard to start talking to them. So I would definitely go back, met the new kids instead of being comfortable around my old friends.”

How are you senior mentors Sophia and G?

“THEY’RE SOO CUTE! It’s weird how Sophia (Choi) and I are roommates, and I go by Gi. And then they have the same names too! They’re so sweet, I love them. I love room checks and talking to them. I look up to them so much. I don’t know how they balance everything going on with academics and setting time aside for us. But I wish I was closer to them and its sad its almost the end of the year and they’ll be leaving soon. I hope they get everything they deserve.”

Any interesting/weird facts?

“People always make fun of me for the way I eat my bagel. I really like bagels and cream cheese but I put more of the cream cheese than the bagel itself. I would basically eat about half an inch of cream cheese in the bagel. A regular tub of cream cheese would probably last me only three bagels. So people always told me that I don’t eat cream ‘cheese with bagels’ but rather ‘bagels with cream cheese’.”

“Also, something Sophia always gets annoyed about. Whenever it’s I’m in my room and it gets really quiet, I’ll start pacing around the room and start talking to myself. I won’t even notice I’m doing this until Sophia will try to respond to me. She will always try to answer me when I talk but I don’t mean to talk to her. For the walking, I won’t even notice I’m moving around either. I sometimes start reenacting conversations from that day. I think it starts when I look in the mirror and seeing myself, I start thinking about what happened that day.”

-Ashley Gi

March 6, 2017

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