Aditi Singh – Human of TAMS


Why do you stay in MAC so much?

“First semester, I was up in my room a lot. Being a room rat, I noticed I  wasn’t meeting a lot of people which was something I wanted to accomplish at TAMS. And when we had the privilege to come down to mac after curfew as a junior, I still didn’t come down as often as I should have. But now I stay here all day where I can meet a lot of people and talk to them. At the same time, I can still work here along with the white noise people create. People wonder if I get easily distracted but I don’t. I just have headphones which help cancel everything out. It was pretty easy to first learn how to ignore everything in the environment. I know that I cannot truly study in a steel-environment like the library for long periods of time. But in MAC, it’s just the right environment for me.”

How was the transition to TAMS for you?

“It went surprisingly well, because to me I thought that being 2 years younger than everybody else it would be harder for me to make friends because it was harder for me to make friends back in high school, but I was surprised to learn that everybody here was in the same predicament as me. They left their friends, their family back at their home town and are looking for someone to build new friendships with. Everyone here is just vulnerable at first and always need someone to talk to. So it was actually really easy to make friends. And my current friendships are definitely closer to those friendships in high school.”

What do you plan to do after TAMS?

“Study for the MCAT. I’m applying to med-school during the summer, because you can apply early to one school and the applications for that come out in mid May. So I’m planning to take the MCAT in mid-June. So hopefully I get in. I want to be a surgeon but I don’t know what type of surgeon. The thought that you can have the power to change someone’s life in a way; like their life could be in your hands, it’s just amazing.”

-Aditi Singh

February 20, 2017

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