Texans’ Academy of Math and Science

Recently I conducted extensive research about the dialect and speech patterns of TAMSters (by which I mean I posted a poll in the Class of 2018 page and Jimmy Du trolled it). My goal was to find out how Texan the classes of 2017 and 2018 really are. I reckon y’all’re gonna find out real quick-like what the results are, so just hold your horses because y’all’re fixin’ to see how many true Texans go to TAMS.


By far the most popular word is “y’all,” with 126 people indicating that they use it. Good job y’all. Trailing far behind it in second place is the joint option “y’all’d’ve/y’all’ve,” used by 38 people. This is interesting because only 14 people claimed to use “y’all’d’ve/y’allda.” So to the 24 people who use “y’all’ve” but not “y’all’d’ve,” I have a question for you: why do you speak Texan in the present perfect tense but not in the perfect continuous conditional?


In third place is the classic Southern phrase “Bless your heart,” which 29 people use. Close behind it are “Everything’s bigger in Texas” and “hold your horses,” both used by 28 people. “Fixin’ to,” which is probably the most difficult Texan phrase to explain, is used by a scant 19 people, while the iconic “I hate I-35 traffic” is only used by 17 people. Those of us who don’t use it probably don’t drive. Tied with the traffic hatred is “Bigger is better,” which is certainly true of portion sizes at Maple (or at Spring Creek Barbecue, if we want to stay Texan).


“Git-r-done,” which can really only be said with a Southern accent, is used by 16 of us, and 11 of us apparently use “What in tarnation?,” probably ironically. 11 TAMSters also use a staple phrase from my childhood, “real quick-like,” as well as “I reckon.” 10 people say “sure’nuff,” and 8 use “might could” (as in “The weather’s pretty nasty, there might could be a tornado tonight). A mere 3 people say “skeeters” instead of “mosquitoes.”


The losing word was ornery, pronounced “awn-ree” (If you say or-ner-y, you’re from Minnesota or something. Sorry). The only TAMSters who say ornery are myself and Carolyn White.


Congrats Carolyn, we win at Texan.

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