Garrett Gu – Humans of TAMS


Do you have anything unique about yourself?

“I lived in Shanghai for seven years. Starting in first grade and came back to America in ninth grade. I actually took first grade twice; once in English and again in Chinese. I was homeschooled most of the time I was in Shanghai and I skipped the fifth grade.”

Do you know everybody’s name at TAMS now?

“No, I’m still learning. People get really angry if I forget their name. I’m figuring out a system (like Schwartz’s) where I take a picture of everyone and just attach a name to it on flashcards. Apparently, he uses it but it helps! …maybe I should test for Alzheimer’s…”

What do you look forward to in senior year?

“Possibly being an exec and finally figuring out if there is really a blacklist.”

What’s your favorite food?

“Oatmeal is pretty good. There is always a time and place for oatmeal. And it’s always time for bacon. It’s very sad that Bruce doesn’t have bacon every day.”

What’s your favorite cafeteria?

“Bruce.! I actually plan to eat at Bruce for every single meal for the rest of the semester. Honestly, it’s good enough and takes the least amount of time to get there.”

But what about West, it’s also close?

“West is actually designed to be inferior to Bruce. Look at the walk-in prices, Bruce is $7.50 but West is only $5. Therefore, West is meant to be worse than Bruce.”

Did you get a Bruce shirt?

“Yeah, I did! But I apparently got the wrong version since it only says “Bruce Hall’” on it while everyone else got the one that says “BHBH” on it. But it has the benefit of not being traitorous towards McConnell hall. With BHBH, it implies that McConnell is not the best hall. I think that Crystal would kick you out if she saw you wearing the BHBH shirt.”

How long have you been coding for?

“Well, it’s been kind of on and off. But the first time I remember writing a single piece of code was back in second grade. But it was very simple, being some variant of ‘Hello World’. I remember modifying it so that it prompts for your name and printing out ‘Hello’ and then the name.

I recently picked up competitive programming, which is basically programming but competitive. It’s less about good form and more about problem-solving algorithms, making everything as fast as possible. It’s a lot of fun.”

Anything else to add?

“Eagle Print at the Union has really cheap rates to print photos. So I could print a giant poster of Joe Biden for 5 dollars in color! If you go to Wikipedia, you can find a high-resolution photo of him and zoom in all the way to see his pores. Don’t ask why I know that… just, Joe Biden!”

-Garrett Gu

January 23, 2017

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