HoT: Finals Week

When we think about finals, we think about challenge. Weight. Pressure. Stress. Even if we make decent grades throughout the rest of the semester, poor performance on a final could hurt our grade. So we study. We study hard. Whether it’s heading to Willis with a study group or hunkering down in our rooms, we all find the method that works for us and use it – after some healthy procrastination, of course.

Yes, this week can be stressful. But when you’re running a marathon and you reach a hill, you eventually notice other runners surrounding you. This is everyone’s hill. We’re all climbing together. Below is a small sampling of what that trek looks like to each of us.



“Oh shoot, I just forgot what I was doing. Not that I ever knew what it was in the first place…”    –>


“My two hardest finals are Cal and Bio. I hate Cal, but I hate Bio just a little bit more…”


“I have two finals on Saturday. Calculus 1 and English, one after the other. But it’s not that bad. After that, I’m out!”


“I have a Cal 1 final Saturday. But Bio’s gonna be the hardest one. I can’t get an A, but I don’t want a C either!”


“I have four finals. Two on Monday and two on Tuesday. I’ll say Physics is my hardest. I know I’ll do fine on the test, but I really want to understand what’s going on, because that’s the right thing to do. But I do get to leave early!”



“I have a Japanese final on Monday. It’s just memorization, but I like it more than math, so I’m studying that now.”


“Yeah, I have one final on Saturday – Abstract Algebra. I’m actually excited. It’ll be good. Hopefully.”



“Yeah, I’m lucky this semester. The few finals I actually have are pretty easy. But I’m writing a non-fiction essay for a class, and I’m excited about that. I’m writing about growing up in LA.”

Let it be known. The papers are coming. Finals are upon us. Many might be searching for ways to get through this week. Luckily, our peers have some advice.

“If you could pick one word to get you through finals week, what would it be?”


^  “Help.”  ^











Clearly, we all have slightly different stories and perspectives. But one thing unites us: we are TAMS students. A common belief is that we are here at TAMS because we have proven ourselves to be ‘smart’. However, as more than a few may recall, believing that success depends on ‘proving oneself ‘ is characteristic of a dangerous mindset – the fixed mindset. Instead, we must remember the truth. We are here today because our parents, our friends, our teachers, and the TAMS staff believed that we have the capability to grow into talented, compassionate, successful citizens. They – in their wise growth-mindset ways – realized our potential to improve. That is our goal here at TAMS and forever after: to grow and develop continuously. And finals, however, daunting they may seem, are just one small step in that lifelong journey.



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