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What is your greatest struggle in life?

“My biggest struggle is probably finding time for myself. Junior year I was spread out pretty widely between microbio, RO, JETS, and MAO. I feel like during that time I didn’t really take care of my body all too much; I focused mainly on achieving my academic goals. Now taking ochem and laying back on the extracurriculars a bit, and running RO, I’m trying to find more time for myself and friends. I go out more, eat healthier, but probably sleep a little bit less. I think through little changes that I can make, for example eating at Maple, keep my mood a little better and ultimately more content and happier with where I am and where I’m heading.”

Do you have anything/ event in your past that greatly shaped you as a person?

“Well, I had a cardiovascular surgical angioplasty when I was 1 yr old, which I obviously don’t remember, but it’s a big part of my identity and it’s what pushes me toward becoming a surgeon. It really gives me the affinity towards children.”

“Also, I worked at a cancer clinic this past summer for uninsured patients that couldn’t afford treatment/chemotherapy. There was a Korean woman there the first day I went (coincidentally). So I translated the dialogue between the head oncologist there and the woman and that’s how she started her recovery. After she was done with her 6 chemotherapy rounds, she thanked me a lot and that encouraged me more to pursue what I do, through that, I think I found something that I really want to fully devote my time to.”

-Jewon Sohn

November 21, 2016

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