Crying and Scared, yet Hopeful

This week, an anonymous Human of TAMS sends in a poem capturing part of the emotional rollercoaster that many of us have been experiencing. 

Crying for the victims of hate, targeted

just for who they inherently are


Crying for the families of victims, suffering

because of thoughtless intolerance


Crying for all of the injustice, present

throughout this country and the world


And scared, for my family and friends, targeted

for just openly being who they are


Scared that I will never be at the point, where

I will feel comfortable being myself


Scared in my own country

the so-called home of the free


Yet hopeful, as for every person filled with hate,

there are a hundred bursting with acceptance


Hopeful for the generation that is still young,

growing up with increasing visibility


Hopeful that one day, all those

crying and scared will be comforted.

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