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What is your greatest struggle in life right now?

“My greatest struggle… Finding my place in the world right now and trying to envision my future, even though I’m in this great TAMS program. I know what to pursue a medical career but I don’t know what kind of doctor I want to be. I don’t know what college I want to go to. I just don’t know a lot about my future. It’s just like a cycle of being lost: finding myself and then getting lost again. But I think one of the best thing in being here (at TAMS) is to have others who feel the same way too. So they’re on the same boat and helping each other get through it.”

How did you meet new people here at TAMS?

“I met my roommate, Aparna, through mutual friends. And it was like a struck of luck since we are basically the same person. In having the same values, raised the same way, and it’s nice being able to go to someone who understands you. She is actually my best friend, attached at the hip, I will fight for her, and I love her to death. I met my other friends through classes and I’m  really close with all of them. We have a weird dynamic thing too but it all works out. I am able to  go to different people for different types of advice like practical, personal, and more.”

Do you have any previous experiences that has changed you as a person?

“One of the biggest choices I made was not entering the IB program and instead doing the health sciences program. It’s being in the health sciences program, it helped me realize that being in medicine was something that really I want to do. If I had gone through IB, I would’ve had a different set of friends, different experiences and more. With the health sciences program, I got the chance to work directly with the health care facilities, learning medical terminology, learning how to communicate with patients.

Going to nursing homes, I’ve been able to spend time with seniors and knowing the value of talking to the elderly. Seeing them alone makes me sad but talking to them makes them happy and I like that. Whenever I have an interaction with a person,  I always want it to be a positive one. I want to have a positive influence on someone’s life, changes their future, and make them happy.  Especially right now, after the election, I feel like we need to take the initiative in trying to inspire others to be better people. With cycles of hatred and misogyny, it makes me sad, on the inside, seeing this. I never want to be a person with such negativity to my friends and family.”

-Snipta Mallick

November 14, 2016

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  • Brodi says:

    Snipta Mallick I am one of your old friends and I am very happy to see and hear what great accomplishments your having. Keep up that head up and finish what your going to do with passion!

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