The Cost of T-shirts

So the beginning of club time has ended and my wallet is officially empty. Although this piece may be coming past t-shirt deadlines, we can still talk about the issue that these t-shirt requirements present, a limitation on the amount of volunteer work a student can do. T-shirts cost money and since we use money on a daily basis to get a coffee on our way to that 8:00 am class, when we go to eat lunch at the union, and when we want to pamper ourselves it is used up fairly quickly. T-shirts cost about $15-$20 per shirt, meaning a student who participates in 5 clubs can spend anything from $75 to $100 dollars on shirts alone. With the 30+ clubs that TAMS has, along with UNT clubs that TAMS students are allowed to join, this estimate is on the low side.

When a club requires a student to buy a shirt in order to participate in their volunteering opportunities, events, or to just be in the club, it requires students to choose only a few things to participate in. This means that volunteering, something that is highly encouraged at TAMS, is cut because a student can’t afford to spend 20 dollars on a t-shirt that they will only use for two years.

Instead of requiring each student to buy a t-shirt there are other ways to identify ourselves as TAMS for volunteering. Using the green shirts that everyone receives at the beginning of the year could be a good alternative. Although individual club t-shirts may be good for memories in the future, it can be a hindrance to volunteering participation.


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