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What is your greatest struggle right now?

“My name is Mason Che and I am a meathead.  Often times I will get compliments like “wow you’re a swole guy” or like “wow you’re a swole guy” but I can’t help but be unsatisfied with my body.  There are many parts of my body that I would like to fix: my chest is kinda small, my shoulders need to get bigger, and my small-boy Asian genetics mean I will never have perfect bun abs like Matt Ogus.  However, the thing I struggle with the most in life are my latissimus dorsi, or lats for short.  Often referred to as “wings,” the lats rest on the back and stretch down from the rear-delts to – depending on your genetics- your mid-back or your lower-back.  When I flex in the mirror and send uncovered pictures to my fellow meatheads for comparison, I can’t help but attempt to hide my relatively pitiful lats.  As defined as I get the rest of my back, when I flex my lats I can’t help but cry for a couple of hours and it takes a few days of watching bigger, stronger men than me on YouTube to cheer me up.  Sometimes I wish I could just give up on the pursuit of aesthetics and become a fat Chinese boy and roll around in soy sauce.  However, I also love the ladies, and the ladies won’t love me if I my lats aren’t big enough!  That is why I will never give up on my journey to become a nice-looking young man and I will continue to inject protein and lift weights until I am as big as my idol Kali Muscle.”

-Mason Che

October 10, 2016

Picture Credits: Soul Photography

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