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When people hear TAMS summer, most of them would immediately think of research… Well not all Tamsters live the life of academics through the whole year (especially not on summer vacation)! So here are some Tamsters showing the real fun in summer ūüôā


IMG_1946Hello This is Samprit, a senior this year! This summer I took the place of Atlas and tried carrying the weight of the Water wall in Houston, TX. It’s harder than it looks but it’s worth a shot!


IMG_2864 20160721_160936 20160805_111936(1)

Hi!!My name is Linda Harl, and my summer mostly consisted of playing basketball (my favorite sport of all time) for my select team! Actually, that is pretty much all I did! We went to several tournaments across the U.S., including one in Vegas and Chicago! However, when I did find time to myself, it consisted of reading books that I want to read, playing with my puppy Spark, listening to my Spotify music, or a combination of any of these!



Hi! I’m Yuri Castro (a senior and fellow ion cd!) from the land of no wifi who put on some pants on my hen :))) (lol I’m weird)¬† I love exploring and trying new things all the time even if it means stepping out of my comfort zone. Other than research and being bored at home all summer, I spent lots of time with my family and recently visited Austin for a weekend!

michelle_1    michelle_2

Hey TAMS! My name’s Michelle Sanchir, but I respond to anything that remotely sounds like Michelle or even San, in case of a mix-up. Other than the math and sciences, I really love painting/drawing surreal images, playing dramatic piano music, learning how to play the Mongolian horse head fiddle (I promise I’ll sound less screechy soon), and finding joy in experiencing new things. I caught a rather stubborn pidgeotto in Mongolia this summer when I wasn’t stuck in SAT school; did I mention I can’t stand goat cheese?¬†As an incoming junior of the class of 2018, I’m thrilled to become part of the TAMS fam. I hope to make many wonderful friends!



Hey y’all! My name is Gabriella Webster and I’m a Senior at TAMS this year. I spent my summer working in the molecular biology lab of Dr. Pamela Padilla here at UNT on the TAMS Summer Research Scholarship. My work involved mimicking obesity and hyperglycemia in C. elegans and investigating the physiological and molecular impact sugar has on the animal. I also spent 3 weeks in California, where most of my family lives, kayaking, adventuring, and being a beach bum in general.


IMG_0645   IMG_3108   IMG_5100

Hi! My name is Clotilde Tagnon, and I am an incoming junior at TAMS. This summer, I trained and successfully tested for my black belt, studied at KD College Prep, and went to France to visit my family. I visited Bordeaux, L’√éle D’Yeu, and Paris. About me: I am a HUGE art enthusiast, I play the double bass, and biology and chemistry are my favorite subjects.


DSC_0304   IMG_6213

Hey there TAMS, my name is Leon. I’m a Content¬†Director (CD) here at ion. This summer, I went on a backpacking trip and almost didn’t make it back. I also vacationed at the rocks pictured above. Words that are occasionally associated with me include squiggly, spectrum, speak, and swimbikerun. I like to think sometimes. I’m also a senior mentor, so I’m here to help! Cheers, Leon Jacob


image1Hey, I’m Delani Woods (incoming junior !!) and the only thing noteworthy I did this summer was cook in a 40 gallon cauldron. I don’t really know where it came from, but it contributed to a meat stew.

"Big Dreams and Big Thighs"

“Big Dreams and Big Thighs”

"Melting Boy, Sweating Ice Cream"

“Melting Boy, Sweating Ice Cream”

"I'm Single, Ladies"

“I’m Single, Ladies”

¬† ¬°Hola TAMS! I am Cedric Hatol, and I have failed every single summer resolution I had (for the 16th year in a row). This summer I went on a cruise to Roatan, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. While I did not catch any Pokemon, I did catch a lot of stares as my sister took my photos. Here are a few shots!….I guess I should say a little bit about myself now (in case those pictures haven’t said enough already haha). I’m an incoming junior and I am very spontaneous; you never know what I’m doing, and honestly, neither do I. In my free time, I love trying new things, especially food, and exploring new places with people. Other than that, you can find me either looking for wifi or a wifey.


Image-1Hi I’m Connor! I honestly don’t know what to say about myself. I really like languages, science, and the violin. Here’s a picture of me and my best friend on a really cool Europe trip we went on this summer (with other people from our previous school).

Battery Park, NYC| Ready to conquer the world. (jk...not really)

Battery Park, NYC| Ready to conquer the world. (jk…not really)

Hey TAMS! My name is Snipta (I respond to Snip/Snoop/Snippy and whatever variation of my name) and I’ll be a junior this year. Over the summer I travelled to Chicago, Niagara Falls (on the Canada side), New York, and Washington DC. I also spent my summer at KD College Prep (aka my other vacation home) taking practice tests and going to workshops. In my free time, you can find me questioning the meaning of life, listening to music, and reading books (I’ve recently gotten into the Game of Thrones series!!). I’m so excited to meet the rest of the TAMS fam!



IMG_1949 (1)   aarya

Hi I’m Aarya, a senior at TAMS this following year! I had way too much fun this summer on vacation with my family, reconnecting with¬†old friends from back home, and serving underprivileged individuals in the community and¬†in third-world countries through projects and camps.


Hi! My name is Lan Bui and I’m an incoming junior. This summer, I’ve been to Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Universal Studios, and San Francisco. Aside from traveling, driver’s ed and studying, I tried to catch up on as many K-Dramas as possible.

image1 (1)

hey y’all!! my name is Shraddha (incoming junior lol) and this summer I’ve completed many a thing from hanging out with my bff to learning to be a vampire (aka phlebotomy course) to watching way too many rom-com movies (I have no water left in my body) to playing the piano till my muscles cramped (which was probably after like 5 min bc tbh I have no muscle in my fingers) to stressing about summer reading bc I decided to read the entire hp series instead (don’t worry I completed the sr just in time God bless;)) to attending an Indian wedding *cries in hindi* (pls get that meme sery) to completing my most sought out goal of the summer – stress only 45% for tams until the time comes to pack 2 days before bc I procrastinated. hope my entirely too long monologue gave you guys a hint of what I’m like – super excited to meet all of you:)

Went to India and free climbed a small mountain

Went to India and free climbed a small mountain

Became a surprisingly strong volleyball player!

Became a surprisingly strong volleyball player!

Hi! I’m Nihal¬†Kotragouda an incoming junior at TAMS and¬†here are some pictures of what I’ve done this summer with captions to somewhat briefly describe them.

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