TAMS Couples 101: Part 2

In honor of Valentine’s day, we got up close and personal with some of TAMS’s hottest couples. Rohan and Shivani, Taylor and Tyler, and Hrishi and Sumedha all sat down with us to discuss their relationships.

Rohan and Shivani, one of the most prominent couples of the junior class, have been together since the start of the fall semester. When asked what sparked the initial attraction between them, Shivani responded with an interesting anecdote. “He proposed to another guy, and I found that hilarious!” she said. This unique beginning was the foundation of a rather light-hearted relationship.

Their biggest struggle as a couple has been finding time to see each other throughout the week because life “gets in the way.” When they get a chance to be together, they enjoy spending their available free time obeying PDA policies in Mac. Such rules, they understand, “are there for a reason.” Shivani refuses to undermine any such policies. She asserts, “[When] I’m under my blanket, he has no blanket,” referring to a particular PDA policy against sharing covers. Closing out her words of advice, Shivani sarcastically smirked, “Don’t get into a relationship!”

T2,  also known as Taylor and Tyler, also sat down to give us their take on a TAMS relationship. Like other TAMS couples, they regard school as a major role in their relationship. Indeed, they spend a great deal of time studying together. Aside from quizzing each other about biology vocabulary, they also find time to take walks around Denton.

Tyler first met Taylor in Mac when she was “ playing cards… [and] she asked [a mutual friend] for [his] number.” From then on, they began to talk and got to know each other. Tyler’s affection for Taylor was apparent throughout the interview; he acted in such a way that showed he was nothing short of mesmerized by her. Their closing words of wisdom to all couples out there is “get to know each other first. Don’t rush.”

One of the most well known senior couples, Sumedha and Hrishi can almost always be found in Mac studying physics or watching Netflix together. Although their relationship did not begin until this past September, they have been friends since their junior year homecoming. They met when Hrishi “ [went] down to Mac to apologize for making fun of her on Facebook” after finding out she would be going with another guy. Who would have guessed that later that year Hrishi would ask her to prom, as a friend. Sumedha’s advice to aspiring junior couples is “no PDA,” while Hrishi’s asserted that it is important to “not get too distracted” by your significant other.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, don’t forget to attend the HOPE Auction this Friday to bid on your favorite talent, which benefits the Hunger Project. Whether your friend, enemy, or crush performs, all of the money goes to a good cause.

Later, when you hit the dance floor at the Valentine’s Day dance on Saturday, be sure to have a good time. After all, you never know if you’ll find that special someone on Valentine’s Day weekend.

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