Humans of TAMS: Savanna Depew

TAMS is not just a student body; it is a community of young intellectuals, Residential Assistants, Program Assistants, and administrative staff working together to create the most enriching environment possible. Savanna Depew, a new RA at TAMS this year, has already become a familiar and constant presence in McConnell Hall.

Savanna is always laughing with others, and occasionally to herself, while working at the front desk. “I just love humor,” she explains. “It’s an easy way to connect with people.” Surprisingly, personal connections also scare her. “My biggest fear? People not liking me,” Savanna admits. “Is that too real?” she chuckles. Of course, this is not something that she needs to worry about. Everyone who meets her loves her, especially the girls in her wing. Savanna closes room checks every night with a new joke. “It’s something for them to look forward to, and if I forget, they always remind me,” she laughs.

The jokes are a way to keep her wing together. As the leader of the “Wolf Pack”, Savanna speaks fondly of her new family. “We’re a strong pack, but we’re also strong individuals,” she reflects. Although she claims that she doesn’t know what qualifies as interesting anymore, Savanna does let it be known that she supports her wing at all times. Her room features a handmade wolf rug, displaying her care for animals.

Many students here feel certain of their career path after TAMS; they may go into the medical field or pursue some type of engineering. Savanna was not one of these students growing up. “Honestly, if I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wouldn’t have changed my major three times already.” She was originally undecided but then switched into emergency management. However, “it turns out you don’t actually save people, you just write plans and get no credit. I’m not about that,” she explains.

Savanna now majors in communication studies as a sophomore here at UNT. She found this little world through her friend and former TAMS RA, Hannah. “At face value, it was free housing and a great job that brought me to McConnell,” she admits. “But once I came here and was able to interact with you guys, it’s just so much more fun. Also, I get to influence the great youth of America. I’m into it!” Savanna has developed a connection with each member of the TAMS community, and that’s what keeps her here.

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