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In order for a better world, community, society, we need to make an impact. BUILD is a club that approaches the idea of making – literally. BUILD should be seen as a movement, a maker’s movement. It is the TAMS Club that is dedicated to creating things, whether that’s a greenhouse or a mobile application; we aim to create for the community.

So here’s some more details on how BUILD works:
1.) BUILD is structured on the concept of circles (not to be confused with Google+). It’s a structure that helps add mobility, equality and direction to keep our makers movement going. We don’t have a fixed exec board, instead we have a rolling project leader board. There is a chapter leader (for now that’s me – Ravi), he makes sure everything is working the way it’s supposed to. Here’s an image to make things more clear:


2.) BUILD meetings will be held every once in a while, sometimes in Mac, various campus locations or even on the web. The dates for these meetups are TBA, but be on the lookout. Join the FB group. We also have a BUILD forums page ( to keep up to date.

3.) Our goal is to expand our reach, we want to make more than just for TAMS. This is the start of something big and your chance to take part. Treat it like you’re a part of a start-up. We have a fresh mindset, barely any funding, but motivation to move forward. “Even a 1000 mile journey, begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

4.) You don’t have partake in every event or project, just the ones you want to. Don’t be a member of BUILD, be a user. Use it to make your dream project, and take part of something bigger. But if you do choose to participate, please participate with your best effort and perform your assigned task. Make with passion. The more people per project the easier tasks will be.

I’m getting a little tired of writing all of this, but stay tuned for the BUILD Launch event that will be coming soon. I’ll give a more streamlined and brief presentation then. Also be sure to download a QR reader for your phone.

QR Code

Website:     FB Group:


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