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Every year, TAMS students are recognized within the state, nation, and even around the world for contributing revolutionary research to the many fields of science. Even as high school students, TAMS students work as experts, pushing at the frontier of their research fields.

The TAMS Research Organization (RO) is TAMS’s primary organization dedicated to providing students the resources necessary to attain a research laboratory, keep up with the latest findings in research, compete in science fairs and research competitions, and have opportunities to present their research. RO also has multiple unique volunteering opportunities throughout year, including the Aspire Exposition and Aspire Science Fair, both of which inspire elementary school students to better understand and find their passion in research and science.

If any of this interested you, come join our weekly general assemblies (GAs) at 8:15pm every Tuesday in MAC café.

To give a brief overview of what we offer:

Research competitions: Some of the main competitions that TAMS students participate in are the Intel ISEF-affiliated science fairs, which include the Fort Worth Regional Science and Engineering Fair (FWRSEF), the Exxon Mobil Texas Science and Engineering Fair (EMTSEF), and the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF). TAMS students also often participate in the Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology as well as the Intel Student Talent Search (Intel STS). Traditionally, TAMS students have performed excellently in all these research competitions and will continue to do so this year!

Aspire Program: The Aspire program is dedicated to exposing elementary and middle school students to the world of science. As TAMS students, you can volunteer for the Aspire Exposition, Aspire Science Fair, and Aspire Mentorship programs. For the Aspire Expo, you will teach 5th graders about biology, chemistry, physics, etc. and exhibit amazing science experiments. For the Aspire Science Fair, you will help conduct and judge elementary and middle school students’ poster boards, logbooks, and presentations – basically volunteer at a Denton science fair. Lastly, the Aspire Mentorship program was recently created to help these Denton ISD students with their projects. You will guide and assist them through the entire scientific method on their science experiment by giving advice and providing supplies (we will cover the budget costs). Overall, the Aspire programs are designed to nurture various scientific and research interests at early ages.

Feel free to contact us for more information by emailing! Also, remember to join our facebook page at for updates. You can also visit our website for more information.

We’re looking forward to helping all you guys succeed next year!

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