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The TAMS Medical Society is dedicated to providing medical opportunities for students seeking to develop their career in medicine. With growing interest within the medical field, our organization’s goal is to ensure that each and every student who takes part in our volunteering opportunities and activities will get a well rounded experience pertaining to what it takes to work within a medical environment. TMS promotes awareness and diversity. Healthcare is becoming more advanced as society continues to expand. With continued expansion comes more options for your interests. We believe that working within the medical field is more than just striving to cure a patient. It is a way to improve communication, build teamwork among each other, and learn more about yourself when working within stressful and time consuming conditions. Medicine is huge, and TMS strives to provide a window into this expansive field.

The community service opportunities that TMS offers range from Cook Children’s Medical Center, to Denton Good Samaritan Nursing Home, to Denton State Supported Living Center. With Cook Children’s, students get hands-on experience on what it’s like to be a physician. Nursing Home volunteering provides students with the chance to connect with elderly residents on a personal level. Both Nursing Home and Denton State Supported Living Center allow members to have the chance to learn how to work with their peers in catering to the needs of these citizens, as well as get to know how rewarding the health field can be.

In addition to volunteering, we also have several shadowing opportunities lined up. Students can shadow at Cook Children’s Medical Center after fulfilling a certain number of volunteer hours. There is also shadowing at smaller, more personal clinics, NP Care Clinic and Fairway Family Medicine (one of your grand-senior exec’s family practice!)

Naturally with any major non profit organization, giving back to the community is key! The TAMS Medical Society gives back by holding annual fundraising events such as Eating for Charity and AID The Cause to educate participants in growing epidemics and diseases like HIV/AIDS, while raising money for local hospitals such as Texas Presbyterian.

In addition, the organization also gives students a chance to compete within the HOSA Future Health Professionals Competitions. With HOSA, students get a chance to challenge themselves with their medical knowledge and compete with other students across the country in a series of tests. The rigorous, yet fun competitions allow students to learn more about their respective interests from experts and doctors as well as meet others who have similar interests as they do.

Particularly one of the best aspects of TAMS Medical Society has to be the relationships and growth that one develops here. Our club is planning enjoyable activities throughout the year such as hands-on GAs (we almost always have food out our GAs!), Set Up Dance, various parties, movie nights, and more to allow our members to get to know each other. We want to ensure that students not only pursue their career interests in medicine, but also connect with their classmates as well. Working with others in the medical field is crucial to optimal performance of a medical team so participating in this club lets you build those social skills! Even if you’re not interested in the medical field, you are always welcome to participate in our activities for a good time. We work to spread interest in medicine and provide opportunity to those who want it, so join TAMS Medical Society! We look forward to seeing you guys soon! (:


Your TMS Babes of 2014-2015

P.S. Make sure to join our facebook page, TAMS Medical Society 2014-2015 (important updates will be found there), and check out our website at!

P.P.S. The main reason for joining TMS is because the execs are super attractive right <3

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