Peeks and Previews: The Supply

Hi, and if you’re reading this, welcome to The Supply! Let me start this introduction by saying two things: 1) yes we’re a relatively small club when compared to JETS or HOPE, and 2) for us at least, size is irrelevant to the function of our club. The Supply at UNT is just a branch of a large, non-profit organization dedicated to the building of schools and the improvement of urban slums in Africa. The Supply at UNT is a fundraising type of club, meaning that most of the activities we do is for the purpose of raising money and sending it to help improve education in Africa. We have also participated in events such as Worldfest, in which money was fundraised for another cause.

Because The Supply functions as a fundraising club at TAMS, there isn’t a need for funding, though we do hope to obtain funding anyways (funding helps offset cost, which leads to a greater amount of revenue being donated). While we would love for The Supply to become a huge club within TAMS, The Supply can function very well with a small group of dedicated workers. That being said, we’ll welcome as many people as possible. After all, when you have to make 300 paper boxes for the A Kiss Goodbye event, you need as much help as you can get. And when you work in the kitchenette for four consecutive hours to churn out a seemingly endless amount of crepes, an additional one or two people can really make a difference.

The Supply provides students with a variety of volunteering opportunities, from helping out in marathons or selling crepes and what not in the lobby. The amount you sell determines the amount of hours you receive for volunteer service. Several people have worked for an hour and gained ten hours of service! It’s fun and can sometimes be a lot of work, but we encourage everyone to join in. We like to think that what we do in The Supply is rewarding and that we are making a positive contribution somewhere out there. And your support can come from anywhere, whether it’s helping us make boxes or if it’s just simply buying a crepe. We’ve got a lot of activities planned for this year, and we hope you help us help others!


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