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Interested in science competitions, community service, or robotics? Then the Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) is the club for you! You don’t have to aspire to become an engineer in order to join JETS. If you have even the smallest interest in science, join us at our general assemblies (GAs) every Tuesday at 7:30 in MAC cafe. JETS has a lot planned for you guys this year. We’ll be hosting super fun events like a Pop that Bot dance, paper airplane competition, engineering panel, and liquid nitrogen ice cream social!

At JETS, we have so much going on that we organized ourselves into three different sectors. Read on to learn a little more about each of them.

Competitions: This year, we’ll be participating in Science Olympiad and Science Bowl. These competitions both span a variety of science topics, from biology, chemistry and physics to hands-on engineering. Hopefully, with you we’ll make our national dreams a reality! Tryouts will be held once school starts, so be on the lookout for more information. You can try out for one or the other or both, and you don’t need ANY experience to be on the team.

Community Service: Last year, we created and donated science experiment kits to three local libraries in the Denton community. But we’re not stopping at just experiment boxes. This year, we’ll be hosting a lot of library volunteering events and teaching kids about things like liquid chromatography, color changing pH, and DNA extractions. In addition, we’ll be doing elementary school science demonstrations with dry ice bubbles, turntables, and exploding foam.

Robotics: As part of the TAMS robotics team, you will get to experience hands on engineering through the various fields of robotics. Additionally, you will get to work with professional engineers from the tech industry. This year, we will be completing a series of projects centered around VEX Robotics, mentoring a middle school team, and ultimately competing in the FIRST Robotics competition. We are looking for new members that have all types of skills. You DO NOT need prior robotics experience to join.

If you ever have questions, comments, or suggestions about anything (club or non-club related), please feel free to contact any of the execs!


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