Humans of TAMS: Lucy Hao

Humans of TAMS is a photojournalism project that seeks to capture the diversity of the TAMS population through a series of interviews and portraits of students.Thank you to this week’s interviewee, Lucy Hao.

“…when you live for yourself, you’ll eventually find the balance of helping others and helping yourself, then you’ll be happy with where you are.”

Throughout Lucy Hao’s time at TAMS, she has been able to find the balance between helping others and helping herself. As a senior mentor and editor-in-chief of Ion her senior year, she made her impact on TAMS; from tutoring her juniors at 3 am in the morning to preserving the memories of the year through Ion, she made her two years at TAMS truly memorable.

A big part of Lucy’s senior year was dedicating her time to mentoring juniors through their first year at TAMS. But more importantly, her juniors taught her the importance of supporting eachother and the TAMS community.

“My Diva wing is such an inspiration, and I really believe that each and every one of them will have a great senior year and future.”

Besides her role as a senior mentor, Lucy was also involved in Ion where she was passionate about sharing her own and others’ perspectives. Joining Ion wasn’t all about the journalism aspect for Lucy; it was truly about uniting the whole TAMS community and providing a way for students to stay connected.

“I think something that I really value is expressing yourself to the world, sharing ideas. That’s what led me to Ion; it gave myself and other people a place to say things to the world and TAMS community. I feel like if anything, I’ve helped unite the TAMS community a little. Ion has helped the classes become closer amongst themselves and with each other.”

Now that graduation for the class of 2014 has finally come, Lucy was able to make the most of her last moments at TAMS with her close friends, before they all embark on the huge change in their lives. They attended the J. Cole concert, Senior Day at the lake, Jazz Fest, and the annual Rosecutting ceremony, but what made it special was that they did it together.

“I basically hung out with my friends from Thursday through Monday. We had a massive 5 day sleepover in one of my friends room, and we just made memories the entire week through. It’ll probably be one of my most cherished experiences at TAMS because I got to spend it with some of my best friends. These are the moments we’ll remember.”

Although the thought of graduating still hasn’t quite sunk in yet, Lucy is positive about staying close with her friends from TAMS as they part ways and go on their own paths this Fall.

“I don’t think it’s hit me just yet that we’re leaving. A lot of my friends here at TAMS are people I’ve known my entire life and that I’ve gotten to become so close to. I don’t even know how I’ll survive without them next year, but I know, even though we’re far away, we’ll still stay in touch!”

Next semester, Lucy will be attending UT to study chemical engineering, where she also hopes to continue her passion for making her mark on the world as a future engineer. She sees her career choice as another opportunity to influence, not just her community, but communities all over the world.

“I want to impact people and improve the way they live. Most people would go into medicine to help people, but I really believe engineering is important too! You’re able to help much more people by creating new technology, etc., and also engineering works to prevent future problems!”

Even though this chapter of her life is ending, Lucy is excited and has a positive outlook on the future for her class.

“Everytime I think about it, I can’t believe how far the Class of 2014 has come, and I’m really excited to see how everyone does in the future. I have high hopes for the Class of 2014 (and myself), so although graduation is going to be super sad, it’s going to be really exciting too!”

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