Humans of TAMS: Serena Delgadillo

Humans of TAMS is a photojournalism that seeks to capture the diversity of the TAMS population through a series of interviews and portraits of students.Thank you to this week’s interviewee, Serena Delgadillo.

Serena Delgadillo grew up with math and science all around her. In fact, her family was always a little nerdy, but because of her family’s geekiness, she grew up with a curiosity for math and science.

“I always say my dad raised my sister and I as sons, and then eventually he figured out we were daughters.”

Born is Minnesota, Serena lived in New York for a short time before settling in Plano, Tx. There, she explored math and science in her high school, but it was at TAMS that her passion for STEM really flourished.  After taking Dr. Iaia for pre-calculus, calculus, and linear algebra, Serena was inspired by his passion and dedication.

“That man is amazing, just the way he presented math as something that was spontaneous and fun, even though he was the only one in the class who thought so.”

And Serena certainly took advantage of her time at TAMS. Not only has she become Academy Players’ publicist, but she’s also pursued her passion for math, earning the attention and acceptance into top schools like the California Institute of Technology, University of Chicago, and the Massachusetts Institute for Technology. Although she still has yet to decide which school to attend, she agrees it’s good to have “options”.

Moreover, Serena has big plans for her future. After completing her higher education, she hope to end up back in academia and work as a professor. Although she admits that she’ll have to work in something more stable first, she’s excited to inspire others like Dr. Iaia inspired her.

“I really want to work with the new, bright, and upcoming minds,” she gleams, “And I also really like researching.”

There is no doubt that Serena will be able to accomplish her goals.  Being able to work through senioritisis for her club and academics have shown her perseverance and commitment.

“My motivation is really how much I enjoy being here. I’ve really grown to love all of the people that are around here. I’m going to miss them a lot last year. We all just cheer eachother on. We’re nearly at the finish line; let’s finish strong!”

When asked what she would like to tell a crowd, like the senior class, if it would lend her its ear, she said , “Keep an open-mind. You never know when you’re going to learn something. We as senior may actually learn a lot before we graduate. Live like you will live it forever or until tomorrow.”

We hope you enjoyed this week’s Humans of TAMS piece! Be sure to look out for the next weekly HOT article on Thursday, April 3th.

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