Dear Class of 2013

Dear Class of 2013,

Congratulations on your graduation! As you leave TAMS and progress into your future, the Class of 2014 would like to wish you the best and encourage you to always go after the best. You have inspired us, taught us, and loved us, and we are so thankful for everything you have done as our seniors. Although you may not have been the best-behaved class, you have shown what true friendship and family are through your unity, and we will never forget all that you have taught us on hard work, loyalty, perseverance, and conviction. We will miss the Class of 2013 so much, but we know that you will move on to do bigger and better things. You are truly the best and the brightest, and you are on the path to success. Keep your motivation and dedication. Never be afraid to show your passion. And most importantly, believe in yourself and continue to push onwards. We say goodbye with tears in our eyes and love in our hearts, knowing that we’ll stay in touch and inevitably meet again.

Much love and best of luck,

The Class of 2014

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