Hillary Clinton: The Shadow of One Mistake

Despite the joy and celebrations of Obama’s recent re-inauguration, Washington has come to terms with the fact Hillary Clinton will no longer be by Obama’s side. After her years of dedication, hard-work, and endurance, one would think she would resign in respect, glory, and appreciation; however, it seems to be the exact opposite. The Benghazi Attack on September 11, 2012 which killed the U.S. Ambassador, J. Christopher Stevens, has one-handedly demolished Clinton’s esteem to the effect that many say her reputation and future in politics has been ruined. And now the question must be asked: Is this fair?



The Benghazi Attack was an assault on U.S. diplomats on the anniversary of 9/11…and Clinton ended up with the fault[/one_third]

The Benghazi Attack was an assault on U.S. diplomats on the anniversary of 9/11. Not only was this putting salt in an open sore wound for many Americans, but also a sticking point for the security and preparedness of the U.S. government. Of course, being the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton got the worst of it. A report was made, showing the State Department had ignored requests for more guards and security improvements. Shocked and enraged, Americans blamed the government for neglect, and Clinton ended up with the fault. Inconveniently right at the end of her term, the Benghazi attack has ruined Clinton’s reputation of a practical, realistic politician.

But it’s important to step back and keep in mind how much Hillary Clinton has done for the nation and the world. Hillary Clinton established herself as one of the most influential Democrats and, more importantly, one of the most influential female politicians in the world. This aptly represents her work in women’s rights, as the former Secretary of State has spent almost her entire political career endorsing women’s rights and welfare, whether political, medical, local, or global. Despite other setbacks, such as Monica Lewinsky or the Whitewater Scandal, Hillary Clinton has been able to overcome obstacles and continue improving and reforming the world. Yet, the Benghazi attacks have somehow halted Hillary’s reformation completely, and she leaves behind a broken legacy.

After all the work she has poured into this world in order for it to progress, Hillary Clinton should not have been crushed by just one tragedy. After all she has done to help individuals around the world live a safer, healthier, and more fulfilling life; it’s unjust for all of her effort to be overshadowed by one mistake. Hillary Clinton is one of most talented and diplomatic politicians in global history, whose impact on the world has aided humanity to develop and advance. Although she is no longer in office and although her reputation is seemingly tarnished, she should continue to be one of the most respected politicians, and her voice should continue to be one of the loudest in global affairs.


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