What Girls Want to See Guys Wear

Let’s be honest, not all TAMS guys know how to dress themselves for the weather, and even less, know how to dress well. Here’s a fool-proof guide for guys on how to dress to impress the girls.


Keep in neutral, opting for colors like white, black, grey, and tan. If you want to wear a bright color, make sure it’s the only color in your outfit or that the other colors match (think warm colors vs. cool colors!) Graphic tees and basketball shorts are not only comfortable, but also functional! Remember that V-necks always look better than the normal cut.


With semi-casual, it’s important to look structured. Dark jeans, khakis, and polos are good foundations for a semi-casual outfit. You can also add more color into your outfit, but remember, in order to stay classy, you should go for darker colors, like red, blue, and green. Incorporate accessories like sunglasses or a beanie to a semi-casual outfit to keep the outfit stylish.


Although you may think formal attire consists of any suit and any tie, matching is crucial for a formal outfit. It’s essential that your jacket and your slacks match in color, style, and pattern; otherwise, you’ll look sloppy. Wear a dress shirt that’s toned down in color and pattern, and be sure to have a matching tie! Ostentatious shirts/ties never look good.

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