Library Volunteering

Photo by Pete Sieger

If you’ve kept up with your IONTAMS news, then you have already been given an insider on the Hope Committee, Reach Out and Read, a community service opportunity that allows you to read to young kids at a local clinic in Denton. But what if kids and reading just isn’t your thing? You should consider Library Volunteering.

Library Volunteering is held on Tuesdays and Saturdays for two to three hours at a time. It’s a fun and easy way to get some hours. Do you like to jam out to music? At library volunteering, you can pop in some headphones and start shelving books. Before you know it, you’ll have two or three more volunteering hours under your belt and you will be reunited with long lost songs on your iPod.

“What I really like about Library Volunteering is giving back to the community while also having some quiet time to myself. I think Library Volunteering is one of the most relaxing volunteering activities. On top of that, it’s fun looking at what great books people are checking out,” stated Tina Kim, a current senior at TAMS who is the committee head of Library Volunteering.

It wouldn’t be TAMS if this article didn’t end in a cheesy pun, so to conclude, hurry up and check out Library Volunteering!

Article by Kristen DeWilde
Photo courtesy of Pete Sieger

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