Things To Do Around McConnell

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By now, you should be well attune to the fact that you’ll spend the majority of your first semester in the area surrounding McConnell hall. Not to sweat though, because there are plenty of fun activities both in and outside of the hall to keep you occupied when you aren’t studying.

First, be sure to visit Willis Library. UNT offers a phenomenal collection of novels, music, and other written works that are all free to access with your student ID. UNT and TAMS students can access Chilton library which “rents” movies AND games free of charge. In the event a film is too recent for either library, there is a Blockbuster Machine in the Union Post Office and a RedBox outside the local Seven Eleven.

Which brings us to the next area of interest, Seven Eleven. As a TAMSter, you’ll undoubtedly spend a significant portion of your time staying up late. A quick walk to the Seven Eleven located roughly across the street from the Auditorium yields snacks, soda, coffee, and Icees. In the vicinity also lies a Subway, and the Thai food restaurant, Suko Thai.

If food isn’t what you’re looking for, UNT offers a movie viewing at the Lyceum roughly once or twice a month free of charge. Anyone with a UNT ID can enter to watch anything ranging from the Rocky Horror Picture Show to Toy Story 3. This offers a nice alternative to being cooped up in the dorm.

Finally, check with your wing for wing events and sports activities that take place around campus. Sports club sponsors intramural teams to play basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, and ultimate frisbee. The Rec also hosts a first semester Madden Tournament, so keep your eyes peeled if you’re a console gamer looking to climb up the university ladder.

No matter what you choose to do, have fun! Stay active and get out of the dorm. McConnell can become stale after too much homework or studying, so avoid room-rat-fever and get outside.


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