Advice Al

Advice Al is Here!

What do I do? Where do I go? Who do I call?

The answer is clear, Al is here!

In a continuation of a long standing TAMS tradition, a senior will field anonymous questions and answer them via the newspaper. No need to fret, all your hard asked questions and well thought out responses can be found right here on the ION.

This year, Advice Al will answer some of the toughest questions around in his new column, “Advice Al.” Ask him anything (within reason, of course) and ION will select the top questions to be answered weekly online. Friend troubles, time management, or where to eat around town are all issues up for grabs, so ask away!

Champion of dry humor, one liners, and mild sarcasm, and best of all, USDA Grade – A Advice, meet Al:

“My name is Al and I’m here to help! Just don’t expect me to do your calculus homework. That’s not what I do.”

To kick off this year, ION Staff will take the first question:

“What is your number one piece of advice?”

Sleep. Get a lot of sleep. You’ll be surprised how much of 8:00 AM bio makes sense when you DIDN’T stay up all night watching Netflix.

Stay tuned for the weekly column!

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